Hi, I’m Paphos

“Right, so here I am. This time I’m the one getting on that famous Soap Box. But hey, what’s the harm. I’ve a pretty good idea of how to go about this, having looked over the shoulders of many of my Paphos colleagues. Passionate colleagues who told of their goals, hobbies and their families. Now it’s my turn. Go on, you can do it!”

“I am Paphos. How about I start off by telling you how I came to be called that. My parents had great memories of a holiday in Paphos on the island of Cyprus. I was born in 2006 in beautiful Amsterdam. Oh, and another thing: I have a really big “family”. Surrounded by no less than 60 colleagues, each and every one of them outstanding, every new day I sees me taking on my ultimate pursuit: elevating Service Management.”


Op de zeepkist

A closer look at Paphos Group

Service oriented

We are passionately driven to improve our clients’ service delivery. Good service delivery can be managed through the implementation of Service Management solutions throughout the entire life cycle of the service. Implementation is followed by maintenance and continuous improvement. We closely monitor innovations within the industry and subsequently put them to use for our clients.

Our professionals are passionate about their jobs. They take huge pleasure from seeing our clients’ improved service delivery. We always concentrate on delivering added value to our clients. We do this from the perspective of performance improvement, which means that our focus is on realising actual improvements for our clients.

We stand for:

Knowledgeable professionals

Energetic professionals with high levels of expertise apply industry innovations and know-how to integrate new technologies flawlessly.

Performance improvement

Ongoing focus on performance improvement in service delivery. We apply this to the client’s business, but also to our own.

Long term collaboration

We enjoy investing in long term and fruitful collaborative relationships with our clients as well as with our professionals and partners.



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