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Organisations are heavily automating their business operations. Different (business) processes are being handled by different applications containing a measure of common information. For further improvement of efficiency and effectiveness, the various processes must be integrated properly. In practice, this also requires integration of tooling (applications). This includes integration with other internal systems such as SAP or IT Management systems, integration with Cloud solutions such as Workday and Jira, and integration with Service Providers

connecting Request and Incident Management. Often, these integrations are implemented peer-to-peer. It is important to prevent that data gets entered and recorded through multiple applications. In practice, realising and maintaining interfaces is expensive and time consuming. Using Impulse4Integrations makes the linking of various applications with ServiceNow relatively straightforward, and allows single and unified data recording and usage by the various applications.

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Some themes lending themselves to Impulse4 Integrations

Service Integration and Management (SIAM)
Organisations often outsource part of their service delivery to multiple providers. In these cases, it is essential that (partially) outsourced services are supervised centrally. Users will expect the supervising organisation to manage the services delivered by the various providers. In practice, this means that integration will be required between the various applications (e.g. ServiceNow, HPE, BMC), which are used for Service Management of different providers. Using Impulse4Integrations makes it easy to integrate these providers through ServiceNow. This saves time during the integration, and gives both the customer and the provider a unified insight.

Continuous Delivery
There is a trend among IT organisations to further integrate service development (‘build’ and service operations (‘run’)) in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness. This is concentrated on ‘continuous delivery’ through implementing DevOps (Development Operations). This process integration also requires that the tooling be integrated. For instance, service development uses specific applications (e.g. Jira, Agile Manager or XL Release) and service operations uses specific applications (e.g. ServiceNow).

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