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Paphos Group is willing to take on contracts based on fixed deliverables. Prior to commencement, we will come to clear agreements about what is to be delivered, at what time, and at what investment. We are able to work this way due to our many years of experience. We offer this option for: implementations, migrations, integrations and upgrades.

Transform – Our approach

Paphos Group employs the Transform approach. The purpose of this tried and tested approach, based on the Scrum methodology, is to bring about fast and successful implementations creating a positive impact. The Transform approach is characterised by transparency: no unexpected surprises of hidden costs or time line shifts.



Every (part-)deliverable of an implementation requires certain knowledge and experience on the parts of both system managers and end users. A standard component of the implementation is therefore the adoption of the new way of working. Paphos Group facilitates this through on-the-job training, coaching, courses, workshops and measurement of user satisfaction. The tool we employ for this is e-learning.


Streamlined process flows are a condition for solid Service Management performance. Through the use of best practices, obtained through our work with a substantial number of clients, we are able to engineer processes with a maximum of speed and simplicity. Our approach is to automate the processes (workflows) as much as possible through Service Management tooling. To streamline the processes, we make use of such concepts as:  Lean & Mean, Six Sigma, Scrum, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.


Paphos Group implements and manages both HP and ServiceNow products. Based on our best practices, we tailor the products according to our clients’ wishes. This includes investigating the possibilities for integration with the existing product environment. For implementations, we make use of core solutions, devised through best practices (Impulse4). Paphos Group has expertise of the tools used for Service Management.


As an organisation, you want to be in control of the IT Service chain. Important links of this chain are the providers contributing to the delivery of the service. Paphos Group will arrange the processes around provider management and consolidate this in the Service Management tooling. In order to achieve this, we make use of the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Model.

Transform performance verbetering



The first step consists of getting to know the client, and understanding and mapping his or her challenge. Using this information, we then create a statement of work. This document will specify how we will go about the work, the time line and mutual expectations.


Subsequent to the statement of work, the dedicated Scrum team will come on stream with a kick off. Next, the implementation will be demonstrated and implemented through several Scrum Sprints with intermediate evaluations conducted together with the client.


Together with the client, we will conduct an evaluation of the implementation process to establish if both parties are satisfied with the execution. In line with this, we will consider any possible points of improvement, and opportunities to expand the utilisation of available software functionality.

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