Benefiting from years of experience, Paphos Group serves a large number of clients as a ServiceNow and HP software implementation and maintenance partner. Our highly proficient team of energetic professionals apply relevant industry innovations and know how to integrate new technology flawlessly. Among others, our professionals work for Achmea, Rabobank,

Menzis, Trans Link Systems, KLM, Plus, Cofely, Dictu and Politie NL. In both large and medium-sized organisations, they implement and maintain our solutions through either secondment or projects, using HP and ServiceNow products. Further down, they will help you to manage and continuously improve your service environment.


Paphos Group employs expert, proactive and certified professionals with vast stores of knowledge and experience of HP and ServiceNow software.


Using the Transform approach, Paphos Group implements both the ServiceNow platform and HP software, with the service delivery performance as its primary focus.


An implemented Service Management tool must be managed and improved continuously. We offer management and improvement services on the HP and ServiceNow platforms.


Paphos Group advises clients on the purchase of HP software and the ServiceNow platform. Also, meet Impulse4, our implementation accelerator.

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