HP and ServiceNow

We use HP software or ServiceNow SaaS licences in the implementation and integration of our solutions. Together with the client we will assess which of the two platforms is most appropriate for the organisation in question, as well as how it can be tailored for optimal use.


To complement the ServiceNow platform, Paphos Group supplies Impulse4. This accelerator, based on best practices, considerably reduces the time it takes to complete the implementation, allowing the first release to be delivered two to three times faster.


Paphos Group is a platinum reseller of HP licences. These licences range from Application Development Management (ADM) to IT Operations Management (ITOM). In addition to supplying the licences themselves, Paphos Group can also support the decision-making process surrounding their purchase and optimisation. The reason for this is that the return on investment is determined by the optimal utilisation of the licences. We support this process through a journey-to-value, and also offer advice based on best practices.


Paphos Group advises organisations on the purchase of  ServiceNow SaaS licences: Business Management, Service Management, Operations Management and Application Development. The return on your ServiceNow investment is determined in large part by the right advice, proper implementation and efficient process flow. Paphos Group, being an experienced ServiceNow partner, can help your organisation achieve this. Not just in the short term, but while considering the future, too.


Based on best practices, we have realised core solutions for our clients. We will demonstrate these core solutions, containing 80% of the overall solution, to our clients. This allows quick insight into the 20% of requested changes and improvements, boosting user acceptance. Impulse4 is the ultimate implementation accelerator. We offer Impulse4 for the complete ServiceNow platform.